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The front page of web3 community.

We're tired of gatekeepers.

Lowly Labs is the world's first community-led, web3-focused media publication, created primarily by independent artists.

Even before the uprising of NFTs, we felt traditional media was archaic and outdated. Lacklustre podcasts, copy-paste articles and out-of-touch social media had us cringe one too many times, so we decided to do something about it.

Web3 deserves better, and we're here to provide it.

Phase I: Media

Our belief is small steps = significant long-term progress. We are currently operating within Phase 1, which is the creation of high-quality, consistent and relevant content. Social media is our expertise, and you'll soon find us everywhere.

Editorial articles, podcasts, Twitter Space shows, IRL panels & documentaries are being published to both our website and social channels as you read this, spotlighting those who are shaping the next iteration of the internet.

Phase II: Lowly Labs Badge of Trust

Once Phase I is automated, the Lowly Labs team will be seeking to hire a small, but educated group of on-chain analysts to verify that every person and project we feature is legitimate. (You've been rugged enough). After a thorough and successful analysis, we will stamp our patented Lowly Labs Badge of Trust on any article featuring that individual, collection or project.

This will convey to the public that we've done our due diligence, and signify that you're safe to get involved.

Phase III: Community-Voting

Introducing the illusive Lowly Labs algorithm. Curated by you.

You should be the one who decides who's featured on our home page, not us. Within the next 8 - 12 months we’ll be introducing a feature we've envisioned from the beginning.

A site-wide mechanism that allows users to vote on who should be prioritised on our website.

This mechanism will act as yet another step toward utmost transparency and allow our community to dictate our most popular content.

We're excited to announce that YOU will be completely in charge.

Phase IV: Contribute ideas

Lowly Labs is currently a very small, independent team. This means there's only so much we can approach each given week. Phase IV makes you an honorary contributor to Lowly Labs.

We will be handing a pen to you.

We will be adding an entirely new section to our website, giving you the opportunity to publish your own content. If up-voted enough by our community, your contribution will be published throughout our entire social network, as well as displayed in LowlyLand. Which we can't touch on just yet...


NFTS, and all they can be.

Web3 is everything web2 could never be. We believe a complete shift in media isn't just necessary, but essential, as we approach this new technological era.


Music, in all its forms.

If we've learned anything throughout our 20+ years of cumulative music experience, it's that the current state of PR and marketing campaigns is at best, awful. Artists want to be acknowledged & appreciated, & we don't think that's too much to ask.


Mindfulness, as deep as it goes.

In an ecosystem so focused on virtual experiences, we need constant reminders to look inward. Mindfulness, meditation and inner well-being are non-negotiable to us, and we'll be leading with this at the forefront.


Poetry, beyond the words.

An artform too frequently overlooked. Well-articulated thoughts evoke more than just an emotional response. We believe web3 & poetry go hand-in-hand, & we're here to foster that.


Community, the most important of all.

Last but not least, you. The Lowly Labs team doesn't exist with you. This future we all envision is merely an idea without the numerous hands to build it. We've been here since 2020, & we're here for the long haul.

Tara B

Tara B

Mindfulness Maven



Head of Music

Lowly Lyricist

Lowly Lyricist

Founder & CEO

MJ Lucas

MJ Lucas

Community Director

Lauren Ballie

Lauren Ballie

Head of Communications



Head of Poetry / CMO


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