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"Below Freezing" - Created by @reighanne17

Lowly Labs Ai Art Winners

It's widely known that the inhabitants of Lowlyland have a natural inclination towards Ai art. Some speculate that this affinity is inherent in their DNA... Nevertheless, those who demonstrate a particular talent will be celebrated as official winners of our weekly Ai Discord competition.

If you'd like to be considered, we encourage you to contribute via our Discord. You never know; you may be our next featured artist.

Week 17 // "Death Incarnate" // @chrisrific

Quote from the winner:

"You Are The Mistress Of The Abyss. Some People Call You Lilith. While I Am Death Incarnate. Some People Call Me The Reaper, Or The Light You See When You're Approaching Your Untimely End. One Day We Kissed And Merged From Within And Became Something Different. Now, We Are One Entity, And We Are Called Sin".

Twitter: @chrisrific

Token of harmony ai generation for the Lowly Labs editorial website

Week 16 // "Token of Harmony" //

Quote from the winner:

…she said, "Have this, as a token of harmony. Keep it safe, and let it inspire hope when you feel like you’ve lost your wings".

"To live life… T'is a mighty deed; Courage is a good friend, but friends come and go. Yet heart… heart endures relentlessly".

Campfire Conversations by Rayanne, a community member in the Lowly Labs Discord Server.

Week 15 // "Campfire Conversations" // @reighanne17

Quote from the winner:

"Campfire Conversations' depicts a gathering of Lowlylanders around a green campfire, symbolising the supportive and inclusive community of Lowly Labs. The green fire represents the sharing of ideas and fostering of motivation, creative a safe environment for all. 

The majestic mountains in the distance serve as reminder of the possibilities and aspirations that can be achieved. The symbols floating represent the big ideas and goals we have in this close-knit group. 

Overall, this piece captures the essence of our community, our friendships & the power of collaboration.

Twitter: @reighanne17

Isolated: by Kelinor from the Lowly Labs community Discord Server

Week 14 // "The Absence of Creation in a Room of Isolation" // @furretdreamz

Quote from the winner:

We all in the last years have become familiar with the concept of Isolation in some form or another...

I've always been very comfortable with the concept. As an artist and creative mind, that is where I find my spark, as my creativity tends to flourish more.

In recent months, that has gone through a transformation, and I've lost track - feeling more isolated in myself, making this picture resonate with me a lot more. I found myself sitting like the guy pictured above, on my bed in my quiet room, a lot of times not understanding where exactly my path may be leading me.

In some ways feeling "hospitalised" in a Room of Isolation which is my mind.

Twitter: @furretdreamz

Maternal Awakening by Rayanne from the Lowly Labs Discord Ai competition.

Week 13 // "Maternal Awakening" // @reighanne17

Quote from the winner:

"As a mother of two myself, I was inspired by the quote by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh that said "The moment a child is born, a mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new." 

Maternal Awakening is a powerful representation of the metamorphosis that takes place when a woman becomes a mother. The figure is in a state of transformation, symbolised by the butterflies surrounding her. The warm colours & swirling lines capture the emotional and physical changes that come with motherhood".

Twitter: @reighanne17

A beautiful Ai generated piece by Lowly Labs community member, Reigh.

Week 12 // "Below Freezing" // @reighanne17

Quote from the winner:

"This week's theme was Texture, and in this image, the close-up shot of a person in the snow highlights the texture of their hair, eyes, and skin. The coldness of the environment is evident in the redness of their face and the snowflakes that have settled on their cheeks.

Overall, Below Freezing captures the raw, harsh beauty of a winter landscape and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of extreme cold".

Twitter: @reighanne17

New Beginnings, a galactic piece from Lowly Labs community member, Reigh.

Week 11 // "New Beginnings" // @reighanne17

Quote from the winner:

"New Beginnings was inspired by my own personal journey of growth, leaving behind things that no longer serve me or align with my purpose. 

To reflect on the approaching end of the year and the potential of the new year, I have created a piece that symbolises new beginnings. As the sun rises, it illuminates the path ahead, inviting the viewer to embrace the future with optimism and excitement. This artwork is a celebration of the limitless potential of the human spirit and the boundless possibilities that the future holds".

Twitter: @reighanne17

An architecture piece made by Adventus, a community member in the Lowly Labs Discord

Week 10 // "The Architect" // @yungopal1

Quote from the winner:

"Often when we talk about architecture we imagine buildings in different styles, from different eras. You hear the words
'Victorian Architecture' and immediately a picture comes to mind.

When I started this week's journey to portray architecture through AI, at first I tried to portray beautiful, creative, and interesting buildings and city-scapes. Then suddenly it hit me. Architecture is THE PROCESS, not the product. My focus immediately shifted from trying to portray magnificent buildings to trying to capture a moment of creation".

Twitter: @yungopal1

Regal Runner, an owl artwork made in the weekly Lowly Labs Ai competition.

Week 9 // "Regal Runners" // @PrincesaLunez

Quote from the winner:

"The theme for this week was Fauna in LowlyLand. There is an infinite list of imaginable creations one can make for the fauna that roams this land. As shown by the community, we expressed various characteristics of LowlyLand's fauna, such as creatures who are mystical, adventurous, wise, and protective. I've always loved owls as I believe they possess all of these qualities and more. 

In my entry, I included a short story about this owl in particular: 

Our Majestic Regal Runner flies around LowlyLand to deliver messages to the highest courts of rule or power. Their armour protects them from all of the dangers that may come their way during their unforeseeable journey. She is the 5th generation Regal Runner in succession.

Regal Runners are green-eyed owls fitted with gold-plated armour who set out to protect essential scrolls of information throughout their adventures in LowlyLand".

Special shout out to Bugmester for assisting me in this wonderful creation! 

Twitter: @PrincesaLunez

A dark, gothic piano piece from the weekly Ai competition held in the Lowly Labs Discord.

Week 8 // "Calm Before The Storm" // @furretdreamz

Quote from the winner:

"Virtuoso I may be to some, to others a plain broke pianist.

Inspired by the grand orchestra halls, initially, this idea grew from a more gothic theme, to a dark silhouette of a man sitting in silence in front of his piano getting ready to unleash the beauty of its sound. Perhaps he is a broken man looking for a release, and what better way than to cause a musical storm?".

Twitter: @furretdreamz

Beginners Mind. A piece from the Lowly Labs Ai competition held weekly in Discord.

Week 7 // "Beginners Mind" // @reighanne17

Quote from the winner:

"A popular concept in Zen, Beginners Mind is a way of seeing the world with fresh eyes, openness, and eagerness. Free of preconceptions. This artwork captures that moment of stillness and silence when one can set their intention and begin their mindfulness journey through nature".

Twitter: @reighanne17

A tavern in Lowlyland created for the Lowly Labs weekly Ai competition.

Week 6 // "Liquor & Lyrics" // @reighanne17

Quote from the winner:

"This week's theme was A Tavern in Lowlyland.  I was inspired to create a piece representing Lowly Labs' friendly, intelligent, creative community.

I imagined a tavern tucked in the corner of Lowlyland. The tavern is a humble place where creatives can meet and share ideas. The inviting and calm atmosphere is perfect for relaxing with friends, chatting with new acquaintances, and enjoying a pint of your favourite brew".

Twitter: @reighanne17

A psychedelic piece from Cristelballe for the Lowly Labs weekly Ai competition in Discord.

Week 5 // "Through the Journey" // @only1cristhel

Quote from the winner:

"I was inspired by the way I like to create, which can be in a very random, fluid, colourful, and spiritual way. Truth be told, the biggest inspiration here was different folks in the Lowly Labs Discord discussing meditation as a calming modality toward healing.

I combined reading things in the mindfulness chats with my nomadic nature and discovered others who have a similar energetic vibe. Seeing this artwork in hi-res gives me hope that I am on the right track of flourishing creatively in some capacity in web3. It’s all fun, colour, and zen".

Twitter: @only1cristhel

Week 4 // "Freedom" // @jagoblonde

Quote from the winner:

"For me, freedom is being able to do what I want to, without feeling guilty".

Twitter: @jagoblonde

Flooded Dreamz, an art instalment from the Lowly Labs weekly Ai competition in Discord.

Week 3 // "Flooded Dreamz" // @furretdreamz

Quote from the winner:

"This piece, Flooded Dreamz, came from the idea of a city being flooded and abandoned. The people's dreams flooded in obscurity. The turquoise colour is displayed throughout the entire image, from the skylines to the waters, as well as in the streets, giving out a sense of serenity to the soul.

I've been a sucker for neo-noir themes recently, and when I first saw this one pop up it sparked my interest. It made me wonder why the car was left there, & to the left, it looked like R2-D2, so in my mind, I see a futuristic city stuck in the past in many ways."

Twitter: @FurretDreamz
Instagram: @kelinor.dreamz

Lord of toxins, generated within the Lowly Labs ai weekly art competition.

Week 2 // "Lord of Toxins" // @furretdreamz

Quote from the winner:

"As the theme for this week was Antagonist, I had gone through most likely 50-100 different ideas to get to this one. Without intending, the lower half came out in a Lowly Labs green, as it fades into the Lord overseeing Lowlyland as if he has it within his grasp. 

To me, this was the perfect antagonist of mystery and fearfulness (while also resembling Lobo from DC). Playing Dungeons & Dragons for many years, it's very likely our Lord of Toxins will make an appearance at some point, who knows, only time will tell.

Twitter: @FurretDreamz
Instagram: @kelinor.dreamz

Ai generated art for the Lowly Labs weekly ai generation competition in Discord.

Week 1 // "The Lowlylands" // @Xpressive

Quote from the winner:


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