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Head of Comms. Loz

Music Division: October Month in Review


A month has passed since I’ve been the Head of Music here at Lowly Labs, and we’re just getting started! It’s been a true blessing to be able to hang out with so many of you so often, whether it’s inside the HQ Discord or on Twitter Spaces. As the Music Division grows, I’ll be sending out monthly recap emails of everything our community has been up to, and this is the first one!

Music Division Events

This month saw the creation of two monthly events for the Lowly Labs Music Division: The Lowly Labs Open Mic, and Kolob’s Songwriting Workshop. Labs has so many talented, passionate and empathetic humans in our community, and I wanted to give everybody the opportunity to express themselves, develop their musical talents, and share their art. These events have been designed to give you the opportunity to do all of those things, although you are certainly also welcome to just support, listen and hang out. 

Community Curated Articles

The Lowly Labs Music Division is packed with people who are listening to music every day, both from lesser-known indie artists and household names. As a heavily community-oriented company, it only makes sense to have our monthly artist feature be sourced from our community. Each month a new artist will be highlighted (not every artist will be involved in Web3, but Web3 artists will be prioritized). Feel free to make suggestions in the Discord for which artist you think should be featured next. 

Music Division Twitter Spaces

For those interested in Web3, there’s no better discussion to be had around making music on the blockchain than our new Music Division Twitter Space. These go live weekly, and are co-hosted by our partners Unchained Music. Come hang out and contribute to the conversation every Thursday 8:30 PM EST (Friday 10:30 AM AEST).

Lots of love, music team! Catch you in the Discord. Kolob.

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